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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. right now a desperate search underway in the darkness for an autistic boy who has been
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missing 60 hours. his name is robbie wood. he is nine years old and time is running out on him. the community where he lives held a vigil praying that he will be found alive. the crews will be searching all night. they are looking through a 2,000 acre tract of land. >> reporter: the temperatures are falling through the 40s tonight. but the crews will remain here through the night searching for robbie. the community here in hanover county is sending up prayers hoping he will be found safe. when you gaze in the eyes you understand the pain of not knowing if robbie wood is okay. 100 complete strangers gathered to pray for a nine-year-old boy missing since sunday. >> we have grandchildren who are healthy and they're home, okay? i can't imagine what these parents must be feeling.
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>> every night i just think of how lonely he must be. scared, cold, hungry, ithirsty. >> reporter: he went missing just before 3:00 on sunday afternoon. he is autistic and doesn't speak. 900 volunteers from the mid atlantic region showed up, got trained and set out to find robbie. >> there is nothing but briers and ditches and shredding clothes. >> reporter: the volunteers joined 300 deputies, soldiers and canines. they searched a horse farm and rack quarry. the terrain is covered with trees, bushes and ravines. none of that is as hard to bear as not finding robbie.
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>> it is hard. >> reporter: the community now prays and hopes like this mother of an eight-year-old by with autism. >> i will be back here in the morning. he is my son too. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says that professional searchers will be in the park through the night and want volunteers to come back at 9:00 a.m. on wednesday morning. a suspected sexual predator is off the streets tonight and police want to know if he sexually assaulted more than seven women while pretending to be a cop. they say he was in the act of using a fake badge when he was busted. two weeks ago police say he attacked a 17-year-old girl and targeted another woman four hours later. a lot of angry metro passengers tonight perhaps exhausted at was. the escalators at the bethesda
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station broke down in the evening rush hour. tonight they let metro have it. jackie bensen now with more on this. >> caller: jim, 275 feet straight up. that's the stair climb at this station when the escalators are broken. 6:25 p.m. moments after one of three escalators stopped working, another one came to a halt. >> need to get off the escalator, please. >> really? >> not much to tell. we stepped on the escalator and it stopped. >> reporter: metro engineers went to work but the fixes on the escalators at this station and others are not holding. it's not a pretty climb at the end of the workday. >> this is my workout for the week. >> it's tough. >> we don't care that you said why it's out.
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it's out. it's off. >> reporter: frustrated riders and business leaders packed a meeting in bethesda. they told the officials they can't wait three years for new escalators and six years for new elevators. >> we don't want metro to be insane. doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insanity. >> despite the concerns metro says there are no quick or easy fixes for problem. >> thanks, jackie. andy rooney is in the hospital tonight. rooney apparently developed serious complications after minor surgery last week. his condition is stable. his family would not elaborate on his medical problem. he retired as a regular 60 minutes commentator six weeks
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ago. a mother has been found in a creek. people who knew her are wondering what happened. when she went to new york. shomari stone spoke with the victim's father-in-law tonight. >> reporter: we have new information about linda. her father-in-law says that she and her husband drove to upstate new york to help him with injuries he received in a car accident. he says he is devastated along with folks here at her church. they're heart broken. aist this maniry surrounds the death of linda. members of this virginia they wonder what happened to the married mother of three in upstate new york over the weekend. >> i think everyone in the church feels the same way. we are absolutely shocked and saddened. >> reporter: police put up yellow tape around the scene. her body was found in a creek sunday afternoon. police won't say if the death is
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suspicious or who found her body. >> he was very energetic and bright and intelligent. she was a great worker in the church. >> reporter: the president of the lady's guild and a gospel reader who spoke in chinese to the congregation and planted flowers. >> she did a lot of work in the church. >> reporter: police are doing a lot of work in this case while detectives investigate the church wants answers to what happened to the woman they loved and appreciated. >> it's tragic. it's a terrible tragedy. she has three children. >> reporter: now the police say they are waiting for an autopsy from the coroner. meanwhile linda's father-in-law told me that his son, her husband is now back home in northern virginia. live here in falls church, i'm shomari stone. back to you. opening statements are expected tomorrow in the trial
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of a former employee at the lululemon store. she is charged with murdering a co-worker at the store in bethesda back in march. late today, a judge ruled that the prosecution in that case can show a handful of pictures of the wounds. the rest of the pictures are too gruesome for injury to see. forest heights maryland has only one traffic light but may have six crime cameras. the critics worry it might discourage police from patrolling the streets. the mayor believes the camera will help stop people from coming to town with the sole intent of committing crimes. they were purchased from funds collected from the speed camera. families who could lose their homes because of a sinkhole are getting help from their community now. the ruby tuesday's restaurant in
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stafford is giving 20% of its proceeds tonight and for the next two nights to a special relief fund. the leaders in the county joined the restaurant tonight. that sinkhole started after tropical storm lee. there are questions about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. new research suggests that the vaccine may not work for obese people or people over the age of 65. even in healthy young adults the shouldy shows that it only works about 60% of the time. the centers for disease control says people should still get flu shots because they are safe and can save lives. an advisory panel from the centers for disease control is recommending that the vaccine to prevent the human papilloma virus in girls should be given to boys. the hpv vaccine is recommended for girls to prevent cervical
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cancer but it could protect boys from certain cancers and could prevent the spread to girls. college students might have options to pay back their loans. the white house is speeding up a plan to cap loan payments at 10% of a person's income. will the go into effect next year. it was originally set to begin in the year 2014. the president is offering a consolidation plan that involves two combining two or more federal loans into one at a lower rate. student debt will also be for given after 20 years. that compares with the 25 years now under current law. now to decision 2012 the man known as joe the plumber launched a bid for u.s. congress today. he says he is angry with the state of the economy.
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a plumber by trade became a household trade after questioning president obama's economic policies in the 2008 campaign. president obama joined jay leno for a sit-down interview on the tonight show he answered questions about moammar gadhafi's death and low approval numbers before being asked about the g.o.p. debates. >> i'm going to wait until everybody's voted off the island. once they narrow it down to one or two. >> you can see more of the president's visit with jay immediately after news4 at 11:00. this video comes from earthquake-stricken turkey. rescuers managed to pull a
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two-week-old child from the rubble of an apartment building. that child was alive. they rescued the infant's mother and grandmother and a ten-year-old boy was rescued from under another building. the death toll from the earthquake on sunday has climbed now to nearly 460 people. the government of turkey has decided to accept foreign aide. a driver hits the brakes on i-95 and realizes a dead body is on his truck. students will live on a cruise ship. the judge and jury cannot keep a straight face after a dispute about a dog's business. the folks have a good time in dupont circle. look at the national map. we have showers. we've got rain. we've got thunderstorms. we have snow. how will that impact our
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a dead body was found on top of a tractor trailer on i-95 today in virginia. someone spotted that body at 3:00 and called the state police. the troopers pulled the truck over. investigators have not released the person's identity nor have they said how he died on got on
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the truck. a mold problem has forced students out of dorms and on to a cruise ship. these are photos from the ship that will be stationed along the st. mary's river. the president says is it a compromise between keeping the students healthy and give them a better option than the hotels. >> a lot of people think it is inconvenient. the shuttle is an hour back and forth. >> a roommate had to go to the hospital because of the mold. >> the recent storms were a factor in the mold problem. the cleanup will take about three weeks. a woman from fairfax county was cleared in a trial about dog poop. the neighbors at the condo complex claim she didn't clean up after the dog she was walking. the dog's name is baxter.
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the neighbors took pictures of what they claim is unscooped poop and gave the court pictures to prove their case. the owner says that her tiny dog could not have produced the poop in question. >> looks like a horse's poop. there is no way that came out of my dog. >> this was not first time that kim's neighbors made accusations against her. in 2009 they claimed she ran them down with her car. she was acquitted of those charges too. the high heel race kicked off tonight. men in drag raced down 17th street northwest in their stiletto heels. participants showed off their costumes. it's one of the most endearing pre-halloween traditions. the block party is expected to last well into the early
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morning. and they do -- they do come up with interesting costumes for that. >> nice -- pretty nice weather for a high heel race. >> for sure. how often do they practice? >> i don't think they practice at all. >> it is a nice night out there if you are thinking about getting out there. tomorrow looks good too and then the forecast gets tricky. let's look outside at the airport. a nice evening out there right now. we saw wind earlier today gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. that was early in the day. we saw a lot of sunshine. that helped the temperatures get up to 68 degrees. the average high is 66. and get ready for a little bit of a roller coaster ride for a couple days as the temperatures
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come up and come down we'll see the sun again. we have a mixed bag right now. 57 degrees and mostly clear skies. looking at dark skies with winds out it have south southwest at 48 miles per hour. 47 in west virginia. 43 in frederick, maryland. so not a bad evening and we're not talking about any rain at least for now across the area. we are high and dry. but watch what happens when we pan out. one storm in the ohio river valley and the great lakes. we will see moisture from this in the form of clouds. another storm in denver. they could see one to two feet of snow during the day tomorrow just to the west of denver, denver could see up to 10 inches of snow. and that moisture is expected to come our way during the next 24 hours or so. we are going to see a lot of clouds for the next 24 to 48
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hours. tomorrow the high moves down to the south and eat. here is the area of low pressure. a lot of clouds. a chance for showers. most of us on the dry side. but carry the umbrella just in case. as the low pressure continues to move off the moisture from colorado and to the west will make its way east. a lot of rain potentially during the day on thursday. one batch early and one late in the afternoon. notice the cooler weather and the snow toward pennsylvania and getting closer to the mid atlantic. not going to effect us on thursday or friday. but there is another storm coming and we could be talking about snow to the west of the washington, d.c. area. but i'm watching what it may bring on saturday. i think we will continue to see the clouds on the increase. 43 to 51 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, partly to
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mostly cloudy. a warm breeze with an isolated shower possible. not a bat day. 67 to 71. winds out of the southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. here is the next four days. rein on thursday, 63. a cool 55 on friday. watching out saturday. it is going to be cool. we know that for sure. but will we have rain and will it be a chilly rain and colder behind that? many areas below freezing for the first time this season this weekend. >> still ahead tonight, a huge donation from a private company to build the next museum on the national mall. in sports, redskins in sports, redskins
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so he has not played much football at all has he in the last season? >> no. he's been hurt much of the year because of the knee and another one bites the dust. he is done for the season. no timetable was set for chris cooley's return but now the timetable is not this season. he is on injured reserve meaning he is done for the year. he broke his hand and was having knee issues. today the team decided to shut him down after breaking his hand on that play he would be out until week 12 or 13 any way. cooley turns 30 before the start
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of next season and has a high salary cap number of about $6 million so his future with the redskins is the question especially with the emergence of fred davis. cooley played in all 80 games. the last three seasons he played only 23 games. so the redskins' offense in need of play makers at receiver. what about this guy? probably not. terrell owens working out for nobody this afternoon. not a single team showed up to watch t.o.'s comeback workout in california. be he could be an underwear model perhaps. he was confident that he is healthy and ready to play following acl surgery in april. >> they have done that the last two years.
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you know, i played in buffalo. they said i was over the hill. i was the number one receiver there. played last year with cincinnati. check my stats out there. they had a number one receiver in chad there. i think it's not about age. it's about what you can do. i don't need all 32 teams here. >> his shirt says i am ready. did the redskins reach out to t.o.? >> did anyone? >> no. i think it would be terrible for the redskins. >> nothing to do with his conditioning. >> no. >> good call. he's cut. that's for sure. it's a rough season for the terps but boston college coming to town. b.c. the only team in the acc that's worse than maryland right now. the terps' head coach coy about the starting be quarterback situation it is it brown or o'brien? >> it is a game-time decision.
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c.j. is fine. danny's fine. we'll go out to practice today and you know they're both going to work with the ones and by the end of the week we'll make a decision as to which way we'll go. >> here we go. time for the hellie pad. west virginia heading to -- from the big east to the big 12. the mountaineers will be accepted into the conference as a replacement for missouri. the tigers expected to join the s.e.c. and the terrapin's soccer team number one in the country. they moved up two spots to claim that pot and. and the football team 7 1/2 point favorites over boston college on saturday. ♪
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wal-mart announced it is going to donate $5 million to help build a national museum of african-american history and culture on the national mall. construction will begin near the washington monument next year. the museum is expected to cost about $500 million. a gala was held in northwest washington that raises money for mary's center. doug was the emcee of the event tonight. the money will
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>> jay: mr. president, thank thank you so much for having


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